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The Mystery Woman that Pique Allegedly Cheated on Shakira With

What more can women do to stop their men from cheating on them? Surprisingly, the world's hottest women get cheated on no matter what or how loyal they are to their spouses.

Our latest to hit the list is none other than Shakira. Rumor has it that Shakira has been cheated on by her husband, Pique. After such a long period that the power couple has been together, they might call it splits. They've been together for around 12 years and have had two cute kids.

So, who is this mystery woman Pique is accused of cheating on his wife, Shakira? Rumors have been circulating on social media that Pique has cheated with one of his Barcelona teammates' moms. His 17-year-old teammate is Gavi, and the rumors say that he was in bed with his mother, but that's not true.

A Spanish newspaper, "El Periodico," has confirmed that Pique has been cheating with a young blonde girl in her 20s, a student and event hostess in Barcelona. Her identity remains a mystery, and we're not sure if it will be revealed at the current moment. However, a report claims that Pique has been seen with this woman several times. Shakira eventually found out about this.

Will Shakira split up with Pique?

Pique and Shakira met at the 2010 World Cup, dated for a while, and then got married, and Shakira moved to Barcelona to start a family with him. Their two children are Milan and Sasha. Pique is believed to be currently staying at an apartment on his own, and we are still to receive any updates on whether both he and Shakira will split up. Stay tuned for the latest updates, and follow @Bl80prod for more news.

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