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Movie Monday: The Batman (2022)

The newest trailer for "The Batman" features darker and grittier in Gotham city. The trailer for "The Batman," directed by Matt Reeves, reveals a bullet-proof Robert Pattinson's batman as more grunting and scowling as he faces challenges in the city of Gotham and his villains.

More details have been shared about The Batman by Warner Bros., including what audiences can expect from Robert Pattinson's portrayal of The Batman. Pattinson's performance is described as a "raw, intense portrayal" of the character for the synopsis for The Batman. Pattinson's Batman is described as a "disillusioned, desperate vigilante" who is conflicted between his rage and morals—describing the rest of the film as an "edgy, action-packed thriller," with mention of a "ruthless serial killer," of Paul Dano’s The Riddler.

According to Deadline, Batman has a budget of $100 million. However, Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed the film budget. It is unclear if the $100 million was the film's original budget or if the cost of production delay had due to the COVID-19 pandemic and added safety cost because of COVID-like on-set testing.

The Batman would likely be a massive box office success regardless of it being the first major theater and blockbuster in over a year. Batman is a very popular character in popular culture, and films are box office successes. The Academy Award-nominated, The Dark Knight, earned over $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Even the less critically Batman films still pull in serious returns, with Batman v Superman earning more than 872 million dollars and the "flop" Batman & Robin making nearly $300 million. Batman makes money, and it seems that Warner Bros. has set up The Batman to make more money than ever.


Release date: March 4th, 2022

Budget: $100 Million

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