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Movie Monday: Eternals (2021)

Eternals are a group of extraordinary beings that the otherworldly entities, The Celestials, created. Sent to Earth seven thousand years ago, they were tasked with protecting humanity from The Deviants. However, they were only allowed to interfere with events involving Deviants. So they watched helplessly for thousands of years as wars, genocides and other disasters ravaged the world they swore to protect. Even when Earth was under threat from beings like Loki, Ultron, Dormammu, and Thanos, they had to remain in the shadows. However, following the events of Avengers: Endgame, The Deviants have returned in an event known as “The Emergence.” With only seven days to stop the end of the world, The Eternals must again assemble to neutralize their ancient rivals.

Eternals is based on the Marvel Comics characters created by legendary comic artist and writer Jack Kirby. While Marvel Studios’ adaptation of these characters takes some liberties, they do follow the basic premise laid out in the comics. While only coming to Earth a millennia before the modern-day, The Celestials experimented on early humans, spawning The Eternals and The Deviants. It is revealed that The Celestials meddling with Earth’s evolution is why so many humans develop superpowers.

As shown in the trailers, Eternals are super-powered beings that have hidden in plain sight for almost all of humanity’s existence. When they did expose themselves while protecting humanity, they were initially thought to be gods, inspiring the mythos of many ancient civilizations. As for The Deviants, they see themselves as higher beings and want to enslave humanity. This constantly brings them into conflict with The Eternals, who want to live amongst humanity.

Regarding their creators, The Celestials have returned to Earth previously to make sure their experimentation is going the way they want it to. These events are known in the comics as “The Host.” Unfortunately, all of these Host events typically ended with a catastrophic incident that caused repercussions for the world as a whole. When the fourth Host was about to occur, The Eternals came together to stop their creators from ending all life on Earth. Is this what the trailer refers to as “The Emergence”? Will The Eternals have to stop the Celestials along with the resurgence of The Deviants? With the movie’s release on the horizon, all of our questions will be answered soon.


Release Date: November 5, 2021

Budget: $200 Million

Eternals will be released in theaters starting November 5, 2021. The film will have a minimum 45-day exclusive theatrical release. Following that, the film will be released to Disney+ sometime in December 2021.

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