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How to become an Actor

The entertainment field is a large industry; among those who play a prominent role in the industry are actors and performers. They are the main characters in the story, basically, as actors act and performers sing or dance. Actors and performers work hand-in-hand with the creative team to deliver a sound performance.

Responsibilities of Actors and Performers

Although some believe that acting is easy, the truth is it requires someone to have patience and a passion for it. The same goes for performing, which also follows a set of responsibilities. Both will need to research the character or play, learn lines, songs, or dances, and attend all scheduled rehearsals.

Actors and performers will be required to listen and take direction from the director and choreographer, work with other actors/performers, and perform to an audience, whether off-screen or on-screen. Additional responsibilities include attending costume fittings, technical and dress rehearsals, using props, and other commitments based on your job description.

Qualifications You Need to Become an Actor or Performer

Knowledge and experience are critical in the fields you choose to pursue, whether acting or performing. You could say that some are born with a gift to act or sing, but practice makes perfect. If you choose to pursue these fields, taking courses in acting, dancing, singing, musical theatre, and drama and theatre arts will benefit you and make you more qualified for the role.

Therefore, courses are one way, and the other can have to do with college or school education. If you wish to be a performer or actor, studying languages, history, dance, drama, physical education, and theater studies might also assist you.

Skills You Need to Become an Actor or Performer

Individuals who can work with a team or individually, can take direction, and have good time management skills will be perfect for the role. You have to be confident when performing in front of an audience, reliable, and learn lines and directions. Experience with improvisation and ad-libbing is a plus, as well as the ability to work late or on weekends. In addition, performers must have clear vocals and the ability to develop a voice.

The Environment of an Acting or Performing Career

New entrants will surely begin working on small-scale projects or small-scale theater, on their own projects, or perhaps work with large companies but with a small beginner role. You will find no straight line in this industry. You can find work on either a freelance or contract basis, and obligations will rely on the company you’re working for or based on the time of the production itself. Some actors or performers get lucky and might start playing a leading role if they are the perfect fit. It has happened several times in the entertainment industry.

Actors and Performers Working with Agents

Agents are usually responsible for getting performance or big-screen roles for their clients, actors, and performers. While this doesn’t usually have to be the case, most actors are represented by an agent. An agent is in charge of getting clients roles they believe they are suitable for. Agents are paid a percentage of an actor’s or performer’s salary for that role. It typically ranges from 10% - 20%. If you seek to hire an agent, you can email them, write to them, and search for ‘open books,’ which means they are actively searching for new clients. You also don’t need an agent to represent you. You can apply to roles yourself, but an agent will be helpful as they are experienced and know their duties.

Your Journey as an Actor or Performer

Anyone starting a new career will receive low pay at first until they can prove themselves as a performer or actor and start climbing up the ladder. Many actors and performers are paid extremely high wages for their talents. Those who are lucky might find fame and fortune sooner than they think. Do you have what it takes to become a great actor or performer? Make sure to follow @Bl80prod on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok to stay tuned for the latest updates!

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