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Euphoria Season Finale (2022) | TV Tuesday

Euphoria is based on the daily life of a group of high school students who face issues related to love, friendships, sex, drugs, social media and violence. Euphoria’s main focus is on the relationship between two young girls, Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer). Rue is the narrator in the series and is a recovering addict and Jules is just new in town as both of them are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Other cast members include Maude Apatow, Barbie Ferreira, Angus Cloud, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Eric Dane, Storm Reid, Nika King, Sydney Sweeney, and Algee Smith.

Euphoria is an American teen drama television series and is also an adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name. All episodes for the series are written and created by Sam Levinson solely for HBO. Euphoria first premiered on June 16th, 2019 and after gaining traction it was renewed for a second season in July 2019. Due to the pandemic, season 2 premiered on January 9th, 2022 where it even got more attention and was renewed for a third season in February 2022.

Ever since the series Euphoria was created, it has received several positive reviews, including an appreciation for its cinematography, score, story and performances. Zendaya and Schafer have done an outstanding performance with their roles in the series. Euphoria has acknowledged a number of nominations including the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama and the British Academy Television Award for Best International Programme. For her performance as Best Actress in a Drama series, Zendaya was nominated and won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Satellite Award.

Euphoria’s plot takes place when a young girl Rue Bennett struggled with a number of issues during her childhood, one being that she had mental disorders and the other being when her father died from cancer. This left a massive effect on Rue, causing her to become a drug addict in her teens. Seventeen-year-old Rue returns home from Rehab still to buy drugs from her dealer (Fezco) like she used to. A new town transgender girl, Jules, is invited by her classmate (Kat) to (Christopher McKay’s) party, a popular college freshman. Jules meets an older man in a motel and lies about her age to hook up with him. At the party, Kat loses her virginity and Christopher McKay and his girlfriend (Cassie) have a rough sexual encounter with one another. Maddy, who was recently dating a star quarterback named (Nate Jacobs), has public sex as revenge with some party kid named (Tyler). When Nate gets to know about this, he angrily and drunkenly harasses Jules, who soon threatens Nate with a knife before hurting herself. Rue, who was also at the party, introduces herself to Jules and leaves with her. After Nate goes home, he bumps into his father (Cal) who was mysteriously Jules’s hook up.

In a world full of drama, love, friendships, sex, drugs, and violence, Euphoria seems to sum it all up. Even though the series might be a bit overly excessive in all these encounters, it gives you a glimpse of what many teenagers face in their teenage years.


Budget: 11 Million USD / Per Episode

Rotten Tomato: 87%

IMDB: 8.4/10

Watch on HBO

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