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Mask on

As the Coronavirus pandemic takes many lives, quarantines being loosened, masks have become a requirement for restaurants, shops, gyms and any other closed space. While many objected to wearing a mask and believed it was their right to live life normally without wear a mask. A group of 4 friends met together to grab brunch after almost a year in quarantine; with one of them refusing to wear a mask, they attempt to go to multiple places to eat but get rejected. Now, will these friends eventually find a place to eat, or will the fourth friend decide to wear a mask? #MaskOn Created by BL80 Production Don’t miss out on the talk of the century #Coronavirus and how masks can save a life. “You’re freedom ends when it affects others” ————————————————————

Director: Marwan Elbliety

1st Assistant Director: Sandree Li

2nd Assistant Director: Nana Fori

Cinematographer: Andrew Berry

Production Assistant: Louisa McGrath

Photographer: Evgenia Alisova

Designer: Mohamed Abdelghany


Anthony Amato III as Amato

Reham Madbouly as Jasmine

Luis Daniel Garcia Acosta as Henry

Helin Argav as Bella

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